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Zenia's Story

Zenia was born and raised in Toronto. Both of her parents were Ukrainian. Her mother, Marianne, was an excellent cook. When Zenia was a young girl, her mother always encouraged her to experiment in the kitchen and not to be afraid to try new things. Sundays were her day to cook or bake whatever she wanted for the family. She loved it!

Growing up, Zenia’s mother always exposed her family to foods from the different communities and cultures Toronto had to offer. From Mexican to Chinese and everything in between.

When she was a teenager in high school, Zenia had a summer job at the CNE. She worked at the “Caravan, Foods of the World” pavilion in the Ukrainian booth. Her job there was to deep fry perogies! Fast forward a few years (ok, maybe more than a few) she invented Pegrolls.


Over the years Zenia had eaten many perogies but she always enjoyed them more when they were fried rather than just boiled. Her own children didn't like the texture of boiled perogies either but now, they love Pegrolls.

Pegrolls are the first perogie/spring roll hybrid on the market. They are made with a traditional cheese and potato perogie filling wrapped in a spring roll wrapper. All Pegrolls are handmade and deep fried to a crispy golden finish. Currently there are 4 varieties -cheese and potato, jalapeno, mushroom, and bacon. More flavours to come. Pegrolls are quick and easy to prepare. Just heat and serve and don’t forget the sour cream!

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